For over 10 years, CasaTunes has been delighting customers with innovative multi  room audio solutions. Featuring a high-quality music experience for your home that  you can enjoy no matter what you’re doing, or what room you’re in. Working,  relaxing, entertaining friends, getting ready for your day or going to bed -- all these  activities are enhanced with a CasaTunes whole home audio system providing  perfect harmony for everything you do.

Design the perfect multiroom audio system

Control CasaTunes with your voice, using our native Apps for Android and iOS tablets and phones, from your desktop or laptop using the CasaTunes HTML5 browser App, using the CasaTunes keypads, or using any of the various home automation and control system panels CasaTunes supports.


Music servers + matrix amplifier combos.

CasaTunes bundles are designed to address specific markets, and include include both a music server and a matrix amplifier offering simplified ordering and outstanding value.

Music Servers

Providing up to 8 streams of pre-amplified, line level, high definition audio.

CasaTunes Music Servers provide up to 8 streams of pre-amplified, line level, high definition audio.  The streams are typically fed to a matrix amplifier, which amplifies and distributes the music streams throughout the home.

Matrix Amplifiers

Powering music in up to 96 rooms.

CasaTunes Matrix Amplifiers switch and amplify music streams fed from a CasaTunes music server and various other music components, including TVs, set-top boxes, Google Chromecast, Amazon Echo Link, SONOS Connect/Port, phonographs, and more, throughout your home.

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Seamless Integration

Your CasaTunes music server is designed to work with, and seamlessly integrate with, other audio components and systems in your home, such as AV Receivers, SONOS, home automation and control systems, and even Lutron lighting systems.

CasaTunes ships with out-of-the-box support for several popular home automation and control systems, including Control4, HDL, KNX, RTI, URC, and provides an open RESTful API for custom integrations.

Direct Integration with Alexa and Siri.