Pro Control

Pro Control

It’s a simple idea: One easy remote to control all your home technology. One convenient app for when you’re away.  And one dedicated Pro Control “pro” to set it up for you. It’s all about easy… and convenient… and you. Pro Control

Simplify your media room

Too many remotes? It happens. Each component has its own remote… or even its own app. That adds up quickly to a less-than-elegant experience.  

Pro Control makes it easy with a sleek touch-screen remote that controls it all. And it cleans up the coffee table. Simple.

One touch movie time

Pro Control integrates more than just your media. Press “movie time” to dim the lights and lower the shades as the smart TV and audio system turns on. All you need is the popcorn.

Secure the property

Take comfort in the knowledge that your home is secure. With all of the measures in place to keep your family safe and you informed, RTI will give you peace of mind at home and away.