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Miantic AV Proudly Partners with Black Nova

Miantic AV is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with Black Nova in India.

Black Nova’s stylish, innovative KNX keypads now will be available in India distributed by Miantic AV.

Black Nova is an Italian design-driven Company with a focus on pursuing excellence in developing and producing innovative Smart Design KNX Keypads and Touch Panels providing unparalleled user experiences. Black Nova Collections are designed with bold personality and obsessive attention to every single detail. This commitment provides the best possible user experience crossing all senses and dimensions. Sophisticated Italian Design and innovative technology are seamlessly blended to deliver an exquisite and enchanted object, both intuitive and pleasing to see and use. Black Nova is brand and technology agnostic and aims at elevating the Smart Design Keypad to a pure design object not tied to any technology or control platform.


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