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SpeakerCraft : New Rock + Planter Speakers

Rock Sound from Patio to Poolside

Our SpeakerCraft outdoor speakers naturally blend into their surroundings and elevate outdoor entertainment. Designed to be heard and not seen, years of engineering went into creating the geo realistic look, allowing these speakers to seamlessly blend in and stealthily deliver high quality audio from patio, pool or landscape. Our versatile rock and planter loudspeakers are built for years of trouble-free use.

Weather Tested, Mother Nature Approved

– Custom Multi-layer Fiberglass Construction

– Double sealed Tweeter, Woofer & Enclosure

– Water and Environment Tested

Advanced Tweeter : Material + Alignment

– Fluid-cooled tri-laminate Teteron tweeters

– Angled 20 degrees up from the woofer

– Dual Tweeters are angled 20 degrees from each other

– Aimed Tweeters Improve coverage and dispersion

Low Diffraction : MicroPerf Grilles

– Micro Perforated Grille

– Rust Resistant Aluminum

– Acoustically Transparent

Realistic, Natural Design

– Geo Realistic Material Finishes

– Long-lasting No Fade Color

– Planter Can be Used with Live Plants

– Seamlessly Blends in to Surroundings


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