Smart Things is German based innovative manufacture of iPad docking station. We design iPad wall mount, that’s pivotable, lockable, comes in all iPad sizes, and, most importantly, complements the iPad’s minimal design.

Besides many private users sDock pro is very often used by companies in a professional scenario.
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sDock Fix

Docking Station for permanent iPad installations. 

sDock Fix is a minimalistic wall mount for permanent iPad installations.
With its 12mm thickness it is one of the slimmest solutions on the market.
Securing with a real lock!


Inductive Charging through any surface.

One Step Retro-fit. No tools required. Just stick it and charge.


Docking station for mobile iPad use cases.

The sDock is the ideal wall mount if you want to have your iPad mounted at the wall from time to time but use it also on the go. The wall mount is then not a clumsy bracket but a nice picture frame! :)