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Blustream's New 4x4 KVM Matrix

Our 4x4 USB 3.0 KVM Matrix offers unprecedented performance and value for the custom and commercial installation market.

The MX44KVM is a USB 3.0 Matrix package allowing 4x USB peripheral devices to be shared between 4x host devices, supporting plug-and-play capabilities, and USB data transfer rates up to 5Gbps.

The Matrix provides advanced features including cascading of multiple MX44KVM units, GPIO functionality for 3rd party product triggers, an in-built web browser interface module for control and configuration of the Matrix, along with RS-232 for seamless control integration.

An RS-232 loop-through connection allows for the MX44KVM to be intrinsically linked to any Blustream video matrix product for the addition of KVM support to our video-only switching products.


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