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Meet the NEW SpeakerCraft® Subwoofers!

Little, Low, Loud + PROUD…

Always moving sound innovation forward

The Sunfire® Subwoofer legacy lives on in the SpeakerCraft® SDSi Subwoofer Series. Based on decades of bass innovation and patents these subwoofers move sound innovation and technology forward. The SDSi Series is powerful and compact, made to rock today’s world in a whole new way. With premium performance and no-compromise on sound quality, hear – and feel – the best bass experience of your life. From the moment these are installed, you’ll understand exactly why not all subwoofers are created equal.

Key Features:
  • Four Heart-Pounding Sizes: 8",10", 12", 15" Woofers

  • Triple Drivers; Single Active Paired with Dual Passive

  • 400/500/600W/1000W Power Rating

  • Beautiful, Matte Black Finished Cabinet

  • Built-In 5v USB with Integrated Mount for Wireless Audio

Visit today for more information.


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